about savyasachi

We are planning, constructing and delivering the future of realty in your city.

Savyasachi Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in 2013 and since has been growing at a rapid pace. Set on the morals of Truth, Honour and Wellbeing, it has continuously developed on this foundation. With a number of past and ongoing projects, Savyasachi continues on its path to provide improved standards of living with its high quality of construction along with meeting the progressive evolution of demands and requirements. The group firmly believe in the principle of “Dharmo Rakshati Rakshita” and apply it to all their operations to ensure “The right way of Living”.

  • Our Culture
  • Our Capabilities
  • Future Expansions
  • Vision & Mission

Our Culture

Savyasachi combines a rigorous focus on outstanding real estate development with dedication to superior customer service. By listening to the needs of our customers and tailoring our skills to match these needs, we demonstrate the ability to understand and implement the full scope of any project.

Teamwork is an essential part of the Savyasachi culture, guided by experienced Sales Team, Project Team and Upper Management Officials who display outstanding commitment and personal involvement in the successful execution of all our projects.

Our Capabilities

Savyasachi is positioned as a leading developer in Gurgaon and NCR due to its strong investment into resources and expertise. Drawing on these strong resources, the company has earned a prestigious reputation, with particular recognition for its civil and building works. These prestigious projects have positioned Savyasachi as the leader in the industry, having perfected its expertise in delivering projects of highest quality and exceeding expectations.

With specialized research, feedback and analysis of the changing demand in the housing and commercial industry, Savyasachi ensures maintaining its developments according to the ever-changing requirements, by providing top notch facilities and amenities to its customers.

Future Expansions

Savyasachi continuously strives to consolidate its position as a leading real estate company in Gurgaon and NCR. With the ongoing phases contributing towards constant growth through its operations in Gurgaon and Farukhnagar, we are looking into other emerging markets such as Delhi, Dharuheda, Bhiwadi and Sohna. With an increasing number of diverse projects being signed and new markets being tapped, we have increased revenue and profit margins by maintaining our high levels of standards.

Vision & Mission

धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः "Dharmo Rakshati Rakshita" - Dharma Protects Those Who Protect it.

To form long term relationship of value with our customers and partners by using our past experience of launching, executing and delievering quality projects by employing the best resources and adapting latest technology. Savyasachi aims to provide the highest possible quality and service in the real estate industry, giving our customers the best satisfaction that any company can offer.